Amid war, give Ukraine hope by providing Bibles


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To raise funds to help the Ukrainian Bible Society to provide Scripture to the people of Ukraine.



In the run-up to the war in Ukraine, the Secretary General of the Ukrainian Bible Society, Rev Oleksandr Babiychuk, appealed for help, “We see so many people suffering from panic and uncontrollable fear brought by this never-ending flow of bad news. Yet we, along with our churches, remain confident that God’s Word can bring comfort, peace and reconciliation.”

He has since requested assistance in order to meet the huge spiritual need among their nation by providing access to the Bible at this time of fear amidst constant war activities and uncertainty.

Rev Babiychuk also shared the heart-felt plea of a pastor in Central Ukraine after he discovered that the Bible Society had run out of Bibles, “Even with half pages missing or damaged, these Bibles would be of immense value to people my congregation serves.”

Indeed, since the outbreak of the war, there have been numerous calls for prayer, notably one from a pastor serving in Kharkiv city. “We ask everyone who is able to pray – please pray for us. Pray that lives are spared, as well as our bodies and souls.”


How can you help?
  • The Bible Society of South Africa stands in solidarity with our counterpart in Ukraine and wants to help them to provide Bibles specifically to reach out to the military and their families, to people living next to the frontlines and those further afield whose hearts are gripped by fear.
  • Prayerfully join hands with us to bring peace, courage and comfort to the people of Ukraine and Russia.

Make a difference. Be a sower of hope.



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