Bibles for the poor


Bibles for the poor


The statistics about poverty in South Africa make one’s hair stand on end. We live in a country where approximately 30,4 million South Africans live in poverty. One in every three South Africans live on an income of less than R797 per month and for one in every seven South Africans it means a shortage of food. They must survive on an average of R441 or less per month.

The fact that South Africa is among the top 20 countries in the world with the highest unemployment statistics does not improve the picture. According to the latest available statistics, 27,2% of the economically active population of South Africa is unemployed.

The Bible brings hope, but many people are unable to afford a Bible of their own. Requests from people who would love to receive a Bible of their own or from churches that would like to help the poor, pour into our Bible Houses daily.

The Bible Society has a strategy in place to ensure that through this project, Bibles are able to reach the right people. Last year, 15 333 people who were unable to afford a Bible of their own, received one thanks to this project.

Pray for:
  •  people in our country who do not know where their food for the day will come from

  • more funds so that more people who are unable to afford a Bible, can receive one.