Locked down




If there is a group of people in our country who understand the lockdown better than most of us, it is those who are in prison. The fact that they have been deprived of their freedom is a part of their punishment.

In South Africa’s overcrowded prisons, approximately 162 000 people are incarcerated, despite the fact that only about 118 500 beds are available. Due to the overcrowding, serious problems have arisen, for example, diseases like HIV/ Aids are a huge problem. The prisons in South Africa are places where comfort and hope are desperately needed.

For many years already, the Bible Society, through the Directorate of Spiritual Care of the Department of Correctional Services, has helped to supply Bibles to prisoners.This year, through the 2 Million Bibles project, we will also help to put Bibles into the hands of prisoners through organisations like World Hope Ministries and Kairos Prison Ministries.

Pray for:
  • sufficient Bibles for prisoners who need comfort and hope

  • the health of the prisoners and personnel in this time of the Covid-19 virus.