The Bible brings hope and comfort


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Just recently, Statistics South Africa released the current unemployment rate. It was what we all expected – more than 30% of the economically active population of South Africa is unemployed. If you add those who are no longer seeking employment, it rises to more than 43%. In the light of these statistics, and if you consider that these figures represent people of flesh and blood, poverty in our country is a reality.

Here, we are dealing with people who desperately need hope in their circumstances. Not just hope to get something to eat every day, but true hope – the hope that the Bible tells us about.

The problem is that quite simply many people in our country are unable to afford a Bible. Through its project, Bibles for the poor, the Bible Society makes available Bibles free of charge in a responsible manner to those for whom owning a Bible is but a dream.

For the next three months, our Bible-a-Month Club will specifically be helping with this project. Our donations will help somebody, somewhere, who is unable to afford it, to receive a Bible of their own and in this way experience the power of the Living Word that brings hope and comfort.

Pray for:
  • every person in our country who is unemployed

  • sufficient funds to make Bibles available to the poor in our country.