The Bible in Afrikaans




August is a very special month in the history of the Afrikaans Bible. On 27 August 1933, the first official Afrikaans Bible translation was officially launched. This translation was revised in 1953 and in 1983, a new translation appeared. Over the past number of years, our club members have supported the Afrikaans Bible translation, which is currently being undertaken at the request of the churches. This translation is known as Die Bybel: 'n Direkte Vertaling (The Bible: a direct translation). It is hoped that this new Bible will be published in the second half of 2020, when the Bible Society commemorates its 200th anniversary.

The translation brief requires that the translation be a faithful rendering of the meaning, style and structure of the source text, but of high literary quality and in good Afrikaans. This translation will address a very specific need, namely a Bible translation that better aligns to the source text (that is the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greeks texts) than the existing Afrikaans texts.

Approximately 140 co-workers are involved with the translation. This includes exegetes, source-text experts, Afrikaans linguistics and translation experts.

Pray for:
  • all the co-workers of this translation project, for strength and wisdom
  • every person who will use this translation.