Bibles for the poor


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South Africa’s unemployment rate is one of the highest in the world. In our country there are however, more factors besides unemployment that lead to poverty, inter alia, poor education, illiteracy, epidemic illnesses, for example HIV/AIDS etc.

The unemployment rate is currently at 26,6%, but according to the latest statistics there is at least a meagre increase in the number of people who entered the labour market. Nearly 5,8 million South Africans who are eligible to work, are however, unemployed. When one considers unemployment among the youth (15-24 years, excluding students) the picture is even bleaker. About half of these young people cannot find work.

According to the latest statistics, 3,1 million South Africans older than 60 years, rely solely on social grants. In many instances, this is also the only income flowing into the household.

The fact remains that buying a Bible for themselves is virtually impossible for a large portion of our population. Through its Bibles for the poor project, the Bible Society tries (in a responsible manner) to help make Bibles available to those for whom owning a Bible is just a dream.

Pray for:
  • every person who struggles financially in our country
  • every individual who receives a Bible thanks to the contributions of Bible-a-Month Club members.