Bibles for the poor




A few months ago, the newspapers trumpeted that 30,4 million South Africans live in poverty, this is 3 million more than in 2011. This news came from an official report released by the Statistics South Africa.

One out of every three South Africans live on an income of less than R797 per month, with more women living in poverty than men, and children and the elderly the hardest hit. For one out of every seven South Africans it means a shortage of food, they have to survive on R441 or less per month.

Unemployment is 27,7% and if the definition is expanded to include those who are so despondent that they no longer even look for work, 36,4%.

And yet, in the midst of these dark times there is always hope, the true Hope of whom the Bible tells us. The problem is, however, that for many of our people even the cheapest Bible is unaffordable.

With your help the Bible Society tries to address this Bible need. In 2016, it was possible to distribute nearly 23 000 Bibles free of charge among people who cannot afford it.

Pray for:
  • people in our country who do not know where food will come from every day
  • ore funds in order that more people who cannot afford it, may receive a Bible.