The Bible in Sign Language


Gebaretaal 3


The Bible Society acknowledges that the first language of the Deaf is Sign Language. In South Africa there are approximately 600 000 people who use Sign Language.

To make the Bible in Sign Language available to users in a visual format is a difficult and expensive process. This type of Bible translation is just as complex as Bible translation for hearing readers. The process also includes translators who make use of facilitators as well as Bible translation consultants.

The Cape Town-based organisation, Hands with Words, is currently undertaking a Bible translation in South African Sign Language. The Bible Society financially supports this project because this visual project will make the Bible even more accessible to the deaf community. Discussions that will hopefully lead to a closer co-operation between Hands with Words and the Bible Society are also being held.

Pray for:
  • the translators of the Bible into South African Sign Language
  • the necessary funds for this expensive project.