English Bible for the Deaf


Dowes 1


Because people learn spoken language primarily through imitation and verbal communication, people who are born deaf have specific language and reading needs. For most deaf people, the Bible is a closed book they cannot understand.

For deaf people, Sign Language is their mother tongue, but many schools for the Deaf in South Africa and in the rest of Africa use English as the medium of instruction. Children are taught English as a “second language,” but many of the learners find it extremely difficult to read with understanding.

The English Bible for the Deaf had been translated in such a way that most deaf people who receive their instruction In English would indeed understand it. A limited vocabulary is used as well as many footnotes and illustrations to help readers to read with comprehension.

The translation team already commenced work on this translation in 2011. The manuscript is currently being reviewed theologically and linguistically with the aim of finalising the project in 2018. The process of making the manuscript print ready will then commence. The goal is to publish The English Bible for the Deaf in 2019.

Pray for:
  • deaf readers who will receive this Bible, that they will experience the life-giving message of the Word
  • everyone who is involved with the preparation of this publication.