20-26 January


São Tomé and Príncipe: Pray that it will be possible to meet the Bible needs of the Christians on this island. Pray for a good relationship with the Church.

Cameroon: Pray for the translation of the Bible into Podoko and for the revision of the Mungaka Bible. Pray for our Esther project aimed at reaching teenage mothers and girls who are being exploited sexually, with the Bible. In addition, pray that it will be possible for us to reach young people with the Bible through digital media.

Central African Republic: Pray for peace and stability in our country and that Bible work will continue despite all the challenges that we have to overcome. Pray especially for an increase in our local fundraising efforts as well as for a strengthening of our relationship with the churches.

South Sudan: Thank God for the hope that the civil war will permanently come to an end. Pray for the thousands of families who have lost loved ones or who have had to leave their homes. Pray that our people will be able to experience the biblical message of hope and peace. Pray for our Bible-based trauma-counselling project and for the safety of our staff.


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Map Jan Feb 2 2019