11--17 November


Dominican Republic: Thank God that we are able to distribute his Word. Thank Him for the impact of our No to violence, Bibles as weapons project. Pray for our country, our Board of Directors, staff and for the churches. Pray that the Bible will change people’s lives.

East Caribbean: Praise God for all that we have been able to achieve with Bible distribution on the 12 different islands that are served by this Bible Society. Pray that it will be possible for us to instil biblical values and principles in our people, especially children and the youth.

Puerto Rico: Pray that God will bless Bible work in this country. Pray that the Bible Society will be able to meet the Bible needs of our people. Pray for an improvement in the economy which will hopefully help to prevent a variety of social ills.

Netherlands Antilles & Aruba: Pray for the work on the Papiamentu Study Bible that is close to completion and for the impact of this publication on the lives of those who will receive it. Pray for our project in co-operation with the Department of Education that offers training after hours, that it will reach young people, who have not completed their school careers, with the Bible.

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