19 - 25 May


Laos: Pray for our literacy projects in particular. Also, pray for the training of our local staff so that they will be able to effectively manage our translation, literacy, distribution and publication projects. Also, pray for the work on the Lao Study Bible.

Vietnam: Pray that God will take care of and will help us with the development of the various projects for the illiterate, deaf and ethnic minority groups. Also, pray for our relationship with the various churches in our country. Pray that we will respond to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Cambodia: Pray for the revision of the standard version of the Khmer Bible and for the work on the Khmer Study Bible. Thank God that the Church in our country is growing, but pray for our project, Living Word for All, through which we would like to provide for the Bible needs of our people. It is sometimes necessary to subsidise the Bible or to make it available free of charge.


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Map May