10 - 16 November


Netherlands Antilles & Aruba: Though the inhabitants live on an island paradise, poor neighbourhoods continue to deal with crime and other societal ills, and people have lost hope. Pray that the Bible Society’s project to reach the youth in an engaging format, namely Bible comics, will help to transform hearts in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico: Pray for our people, for the Bible work that the Society does here and that it will reach their hearts. Pray that we can make the Bible available in suitable formats and various languages to meet their needs.


Dominican Republic: Praise God for the lives touched by his Word thanks to our programmes and projects. Pray that God will bless families here and that domestic violence will decline. Also, pray for our staff, Board, partners and volunteers – that we will be able to expand our ministry.


East Caribbean: Praise God for achievements already attained here. Pray that our Bible Society will be able to teach biblical principles to all generations and that through various projects, we will be able to draw more people to God.


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