29 November - 5 December


United States of America: Pray for accelerated Bible engagement in the United States. Pray that God will bless the development of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center. Pray for God's blessing over all our global trauma-healing projects and Bible translation ministry.


Canada: Please pray for God’s favour and open doors. We hope to connect with churches and other Christian organisations to build strong and productive partnerships. Pray for everyone in our office and that God will give us all wisdom to continue to walk in integrity and to carry out the commission to make God’s Word available.


Mexico: Pray that we will be able to meet the Bible needs of our diverse and vast population. Indeed, our country is one the most populous in the world. Pray that the Bible Society will be able to effectively address the spiritual needs of Mexicans by providing material in suitable formats that engages all ages.




Download the quarterly pdf document here.


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