14 - 20 July


Albania: Pray for the publication of the new translation of the Old Testament, as well as the complete Bible, into Albanian for the first time. Pray for the commencement of the translation of the New Testament into Gheg Albanian as well as for financial support for the translation of the Septuagint.

Greece: Pray for the hearts of all the teenagers who participated in the 15th International Book Fair in Thessaloniki, organised with the help of our Bible Society and where our new publication, The Illustrated Bible, was launched. Please pray for the bicentenary celebrations of the Ionian Bible Society in Corfu, the first Bible Society in our country.


Macedonia: Pray that God will continue to bless Bible distribution in this country. Pray that we will be able to instil biblical principles, especially among young people and children. Pray that God will lead the staff.


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