June 17 - 23


England and Wales: Please pray for Bible work here and for our staff. Pray that God will grant us the necessary wisdom in our planning of a strategy to inspire Christians and to help them to speak about the Bible with confidence. We believe the biblical message is life-changing and can change our society.

Northern Ireland: Pray for our efforts to strengthen our relationship with the Church and other Christian organisations. Also pray for ways in which to involve new donors and partners with a passion for the Word in order that we can help to distribute the Bible across the world.

Scotland: Scotland’s children are growing up in an increasingly secular society where they are exposed to the Bible less and less. Pray for our resource, Bibleworld Book, with which we will help children in after-school clubs offered by churches to improve their literacy and simultaneously teach them more about the Bible.

Republic of Ireland: Praise God that it will be possible for us to distribute the Bible in our country. Thank him also that we co-operate with all the churches. Thank Him for our donors who make all the various projects possible.


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