19 - 25 January


Togo: Pray that God’s Word will reach the hearts of the people. Pray for the Bible translation of the Lama Old Testament as its conclusion will mean a first complete Bible in this language. Furthermore, also pray for the translation into Kabiye.


Benin: Pray that the biblical message will reach an increasing number of people. Pray that the completion of the translation of the eagerly awaited Bible in Gun will progress smoothly and help speakers to interact with the Word anew.


Niger: Pray that the Word will be spread in this country and that the people’s Bible needs will be met adequately. Pray for the Bible Society’s operations and for the safety of staff.


Nigeria: Pray that God will restore peace in the country. Pray that Bible translations will transform the lives of Nigerians. Pray that there will be more support for the Bible cause in Nigeria. Also pray that our programmes will help people to interact with the Word of God.



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Map Jan Feb 1 2019